4 April 2017, 20:15

Funding from the Hungarian Government has arrived


We would like to thank for the support here. The amount will be used on new kitts, court hire, travelling and everzthing else will help our teams to reach their goals.


17 May, 2016 20:15

Second year in a row


Congratulations to our Super 8 team for finishing third in this years`s championship.

This is a wonderful end of a hectic and very difficult year. After being separeted from the male department, we had to start everything from scratch. The girls have proven their enthusiasm and endurance, how they can fight for each other, for the team and for results. Hopefully this bronze medal can put us onto the stage of the European handball again, but for that we will need sponsors. If you or you know someone who could help this talented team, please get in touch.

Although the season has ended , we are still having trainings and participate in summer cups. And of course we can not miss the British Beach Handball Championship either!


10 May, 2016 19:23


Five points in two games


On the last day of April the Super 8 team played against the team of Manchester and following an intermezzo we could win by eight goals which secured our final position ahead of the opponent team.

Just a week later a game against the champions was the next challenge. Although the game started favouring GD, a great finish brought the result to 22-22. This result means even if we lost our last game but less then by 8 goals, could still achive the same result as last year and step onto the podium.


For a short video report please click here


17 April, 2016 20:15


Nothing is over


After six-week pause, our Super 8 team played a nail-biting game against Coventry HC and lost by only two goals (17-19).

The long break did not help our girls; after the great win over Deva, we had 6 weeks off court. The game started as usual, "we stayed in dressing room" and Coventry took the lead. By half time we were five goals down (8-13).

In the second half Angels were better focused and came back, however it was only enough to reduce the gap.

We are still in a good position and even can even finish second in the championship!


March 12, 2016 22:00

RDL has finished fourth


Well done girls! Although we lost the last game against Medway Dragons by 22:16, our ladies finished fourth in this year`s championship. This is a huge achievement, especially under such circumstanses. Next year we hope to step up onto the podium, but for that we will need more players to join.

Please feel free to contact us, if you wish to become a player!


March 12, 2016 22:00


Next week we will play for third place


The play off did not started as we had thought. A regrettable loss against Oxford HC diverted us to the Bronze medal game.

The game will take place next Saturday against either Medway Dragons HC or Cambridge HC.

Come and support our team and help them finish on the podium.I would like to kindly ask you to behave yourself to avoid any consequences.



London Angels HC was founded in 2013, so it is one of the newest clubs in the UK, however in this short period of time we have achieved a lot. Our dedicated teams have won the British Beach Handball Championship twice, as well as the English League Cup and have participated in the EHF European Challenge Cup, after finishing 3rd in the Super 8 league.

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